Courses & Workshops

Herbalism, PTSD & Traumatic Stress Course

In a world full of injustice and oppression that can be deeply traumatising, we need plant medicines more than ever. In this self-paced online course, you will be supported to build relationships with plants to help take care of your nervous system, your health and your loved ones for the long-haul.

This course will help you gain an understanding of how trauma shapes the body, and how we can reclaim and reshape it. You will also develop an in-depth knowledge of plants and nervous system physiology, grounded in an anti-oppressive analysis. This course will not only help you learn the theory, but most importantly it will aid you in embodying the practice. The course is structured and has resources to enable you to gain the practical herbalism skills you need to transform your life and find some respite from the relentless rollercoaster of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and traumatic stress.

Making Herbal Medicine with Glycerine Workshop

Do glycerites confuse you? Would you like to know how to make alcohol-free herbal medicines that can serve your community and clients?

Glycerites are mixtures of medicinal substances with glycerine. They are a fantastic way of making herbal medicine accessible for the many members of our communities who avoid alcohol; people in recovery, pregnant people, children, people of Muslim & other faiths, and people unable to tolerate tinctures due to health reasons.

Despite huge demand, glycerite making can still be a mystery.

This online workshop explores how to make herbal glycerites in simple and effective ways.

Herbalism & State Violence Workshop

State violence is a brutal reality for many; an experience which is racialised, classed and gendered in its design and application. What mutual aid can herbalists offer to help people survive these experiences? This workshop aims to explore herbalism’s role in revolutionary movements working for the abolition of the state and the prison industrial complex, while sharing tangible, practical medicine making recipes and tools to take care of each other for the long haul.

This is a recording of the Solidarity Apothecary’s online workshop at New York Anarchist Bookfair 2020.