The Prisoner’s Herbal

This is a herbal medicine book written by an ex-prisoner for people in prison who want to learn about the medicinal properties of plants commonly found in prison courtyards. It contains ten detailed plant profiles, as well as instructions on how to prepare plant medicines in prison. There is also a section on wound care and how to connect with plant allies. Learn more about the book.  Find info on the ‘Spanish’ editions here

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Overcoming Burnout

This book is about overcoming burnout, linking the author’s journey of recovery with wider systemic forces such as classism, sexism and power dynamics in groups, poverty, chronic illness and ableism, as well as grief and trauma from prison and state repression. It is a call for models of mutual aid and collective care. Learn more about the book.

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The Medicinal Herb Colouring Book

This book shares 50 beautiful illustrations of common plants and descriptions of their medicinal properties. Whatever your age and whatever your experience with herbal medicine, this book offers you a stunning collection of 50 illustrations to lose yourself in. Every illustration is accompanied by descriptions of the medicinal properties of each plant. From Betony to Yarrow, these plants are all around us. Learn more about the book.

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You can also buy the book as an ebook.

Herbalism and State Violence

State violence is a brutal reality for vast numbers of people. It is an experience that is racialised, classed and gendered in its design and application. It intersects with nearly all forms of oppression. Plant medicines can be a tool for solidarity and resistance; they can practically support us to survive and they can help us recover from trauma.

From herbal care for handcuff injuries to healing from incarceration, this book looks at examples from around the world of herbal solidarity in practice. Writing from her lived experience of incarceration, political organising and of running the Solidarity Apothecary, Nicole Rose explores some of the many connections between herbalism and struggles for liberation. Through recipes, remedies and stories from the herbal frontlines, she invites us to connect with our allies in struggle – the plants – to rest, to heal and to continue the fight. Learn more about the book.

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