I enrolled in “Herbalism, PTSD

I enrolled in “Herbalism, PTSD and Traumatic Stress” from Solidarity Apothecary and have been absolutely blown away by this course. As an herbalist who themself has c-ptsd, I found the content to not only be invaluable as a clinician, but it has also been incredibly medicinal personally as well. Nicole has put together the information in such a conscientious way, with clear content warnings, and then so graciously and gently handles some of the most difficult subjects we face as humans with honesty, awareness and compassion. I have deeply appreciated her consistent de-centering and challenging of the traditional western perspectives that have been so loud and persistent in the mental health and wellness “field”. Bravo!

The content is well-researched, with meticulous attention paid to siting and crediting sources. I love the variety of perspectives offered, from both their personal experiences and then the thoughts and voices of folks I had not yet had the privilege to know. I am also the biggest fan of sliding scale structures and have found this course to be one of the most accessible I have taken – from pricing, the graphics, right down to Nicole describing the memes and images used and offering places to break and ‘catch one’s breath’. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon Solidarity Apothecary and this course! Keep up the great work, Nicole – it is so desperately needed in the world! Thank you for being here.
– Andrea Webb, community astroherbalist and educator, Maine USA