I learned about Solidarity Apothecary

I learned about Solidarity Apothecary after attending a webinar and wound up taking the Glycerine course. I really am hoping/looking forward to being able to take the course on healing PTSD.

The course on making glycerites was short and simple but full of useful information. I have made several glycerites using the instructions provided in the course. I have made and used glycerites using the slow cooker method out of motherwort and wild roses that i gathered and milky oats that i grew. I have been having good results using them. I had always heard glycerites are less potent than tinctures, but the glycerites i made feel very effective. I suspect that the herbal medicine might be being absorbed better from a medium that tastes sweet and pretty good, as opposed to an alcohol base where i shudder at the alcohol taste.

It feels like serendipity that i found this course, because shortly before i did i ordered a gallon of vegetable glycerin so i could use some to make horse hoof conditioner for a friend, and i knew i could make glycerites, but am very happy i learned to make good ones.

If you are hesitant about whether this course is worth it, i would say it is if you are at all interested in making herbal glycerites (and keep in mind there are advantages with palatibility and accessibility for people who don’t or can’t consume alcohol).