I spotted this book in

I spotted this book in an activist cafe. I was already studying herbalism at the time so I bought myself a copy. It expanded my understanding of the true reality for some people in our society. In a place we never hear about ..in prisons. I had also previously been an animal rights activist so reading that she had been sent down for this ‘crime’ was close to home. I automatically warmed to Nicole Rose & thought how amazing she was, how much she achieves, how much energy she has, how much she helps those in need. Such an informative and inspiring book. I use it now as one of my many reference books for practical herbalism. I also bought the herbal colouring book. I follow her on social media & she has definitely inspired me to make medicines for others in need. The power of these amazing plants cannot be ignored. i just wouldn’t be able to live without my deep love of plants & animals. They need us to speak for them and not get locked up for it. Thank you Solidarity Apothecary for all the good you do in the world. ✨🌿