I wanted to thank Nicole

I wanted to thank Nicole for this absolutely amazing course and space. I was first introduced to her work via a podcast with Propaganda by The Seed and since have printed the Prisoner’s Herbal, listened to her podcast, done the Glycerite course, and now the Herbalism, PTSD & Traumatic Stress Course. What keeps me coming back is how much care and intention is put into each project she creates. I was looking for a space to deep dive into Herbalism without the toxicity of institutions or traditional learning spaces; Nicole provided exactly what I was looking for. I have filled a whole notebook with information and resources that I continuously come back to. I appreciate the balance of her being extremely detailed with the content while also always trying her best to keep every course as accessible and approachable as possible. I would recommend this course or any other one to any one of my friends looking to engage with plants and how we can work with them.