The herbalism and PTSD course

The herbalism and PTSD course has really been an eye opening experience for me. Until I started this course, I didn’t understand how most of the sources I’d read centred such a western perspective on trauma, and how problematic this is.

It has also been a vital resource for helping me understand the relationship between colonialism and psychiatry, and how current healing modalities do not serve working class people and anti capitalist struggles.

The way she approaches the herbalist aspects of the course, and her wider work, is inspiring and respectful of plants themselves, and the environments they are part of.

Since starting this course I have developed a deeper relationship with plants and my local habitat. I’ve also begun making my own medicine, and using them as a way of supporting my own health and wellbeing and my friends. I love that this course has an individual self care aspect to it, and offers this as a framework with which to approach herbalism.

I have found other courses to be out of my price range, the fact that Nicole offers this course at such a reduced rate is a gift!

I would encourage anyone who is interested in herbalism and trauma to do this course. It’s been an inspiring and informative introduction for me. Thank you Nicole!