46 – Healthcare in Palestine

Episode 46 of the Frontline Herbalism Podcast is an interview with Dr. Ghassan Hamdan of Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). PMRS is a grassroots NGO that’s provided a much needed response to the medical crises caused by the occupation. PMRS’ workers, like other Palestinian medical workers, are constantly targeted by the occupation forces. On top of providing medical care. PMRS has trained up thousands of people, building resilience to the occupation’s attacks on the Palestinian people. Organisations like PMRS are a vital part of remaining steadfast against Israel’s colonisation policies. 

This interview was originally published on the International Solidarity Movement Podcast and took place in December 2022. Due to the genocide happening in Gaza, it is being shared again on this platform to help generate solidarity for people in Palestine.

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Find the transcript of the main interview at: https://palsolidarity.org/2023/08/international-solidarity-movement-podcast-episode-8-building-autonomous-healthcare-in-palestine/

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