Herbalism & State Violence Zine: Practical herbal medicine for surviving state repression – call out for content!

The Solidarity Apothecary is asking fellow herbalists, medicine makers, growers, health practitioners and organisers for their favourite remedies and recipes that can aid people enduring state violence and repression. Contributions are also invited from people who have experienced state violence and been aided by herbal allies. Articles, recipes, pictures and other content are all welcome.

State violence is a brutal reality for many; an experience which is racialised, classed and gendered in its design and application. Arrests, surveillance and imprisonment. House raids and deportations. Police shootings and deaths in custody – all can have traumatic impacts on people’s bodies. For those supporting loved ones in prison, organising defendant support or other forms of solidarity, the chronic stress can also take its toll.

What mutual aid can herbalists offer to help people survive these experiences? How is state repression a health justice issue? This zine aims to explore herbalism’s role in revolutionary movements working for the abolition of the state and the prison industrial complex, while sharing tangible, practical medicine making recipes and tools to take care of each other for the long haul.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please send submissions via email to
  • The deadline for submissions is April 23rd 2020.
  • Please where possible send content in an open office document (.odt).
  • Please state whether you would like your contribution to be anonymous or named. If named, please include a short bio (1-2 sentences) and links you would like included.

Money raised from the zine will go towards the Solidarity Apothecary’s herbal support for people experiencing repression as well as grassroots herbalism projects decided by the contributors. If you would like your group to be included, let me know when you email your content.

Any questions please, get in touch.

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