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Free Them All

I always get some pushback if I write “Free Them All” on any posts about prison, especially on instagram. I welcome the comments because it is good that people are thinking critically and questioning both prison and ideas of…

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New Podcast Interview!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Public Love Project Podcast created by Laura Hartley. We talked about “How can… herbal medicine support victims of state violence?”. We touch on herbalism, PTSD, burnout, the Prisoner’s Herbal, the…

2022 Review

2022 Review

The mission of the Solidarity Apothecary is to use plant medicines to materially support revolutionary struggles and communities with plant medicines to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence. Each year I review…


Sharing the Queer Plants Colouring Zine!

Last year, one of my most beloved friends, Kes Otter Lieffe and her illustrating partner in crime Anja Van Geert produced the cutest queer colouring book ever (plus cards!) and raised £850 for the Solidarity Apothecary!!!!! This year they…


Winter Posting Dates 2022

I am taking a few weeks break from posting books to prisoners and people who order them on the outside. I really appreciate your interest! All are still available as e-books (pdfs available to download). Find them in the…

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The revolutionary potential of the prisoner class

New article in Bulldozer magazine! Bulldozer is a zine for prison abolition produced by members of the Industrial Workers of the World’s (IWW) Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) Ireland. Download your copy of the zine here: I’ve also…

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Announcing the Frontline Herbalism Podcast!

I’m so happy to announce the launch of the Frontline Herbalism Podcast! What is it about?! The Frontline Herbalism Podcast is a show for people who love plants and care about liberation. Plant knowledge, medicine making tips, interviews and…

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Podcast interview on La Raza Chronicles

I was super grateful to be interviewed on KPFA radio show La Raza Chronicles last week! It is a weekly Latino affairs magazine program with a local and international focus, highlighting the social, political and cultural events affecting the…


Rest in Power Taylor

Content warning – suicide (graphic), prison, violence, self-harm, abuse, homophobia, transphobia On the 9th of July, I lost one of my best friends Taylor. He bled to death in his prison cell after cutting his own throat. The IPP…

[Image shows two logos from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity with a yarrow symbol. The title text says ‘Latest update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity’. There is a white square with text (see caption) and There are pink roses behind the text.]
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Latest Update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity

A note from a Ukrainian herbalist volunteering at the clinic: russia’s genocidal re-invasion of Ukraine has inflicted immense devastation across Ukraine’s gorgeous cities and villages — a devastation layered atop three and a half centuries of russian colonization. People…

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New Prisoner Testimonials Page

It’s been an absolute pleasure typing up testimonials from people in prison who have read the Prisoner’s Herbal book. I think I burst into tears about three times! Check out the new testimonial page here –…

[Image shows a picture of Ellen with dark hair, cap and a beautiful smile. There are plants around the edges of the graphic. The text says R.I.P Ellen Percival. Picnic for all who loved Ellen. Saturday 21st May, 1pm St George Park, Bristol]

Rest in Power Ellen Percival

I just wrote this post on instagram but I’m aware that there are a lot of people who don’t use social media or instagram specifically: I’m so sorry if you’re finding out via an IG post, Ellen had SO…

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Propaganda by the Seed Podcast Interview

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Propaganda by the Seed podcast which is a collaboration between Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery and Tim Holland aka Sole of The Solecast podcast. Check out all the…

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Ukraine Herbal Solidarity Update

Content warning – explicit invasion related content I just got home from Poland a couple of days ago. I’m exhausted and struggling to process all the hellish stories I heard during my time at our herbal space. An incredible…