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How to make Rose Petal Glycerite

One of my favourite medicines that I have been making this summer is Rose Petal Glycerite.

Rose petals are a fantastic resource for the nervous system and a very cooling remedy for hot, inflamed conditions. You can read a full profile on rose here.

I use the rose petal glycerite for people experiencing repression or those who are in recovery from trauma or chronic stress. For example, people going through stressful court cases or who are struggling after a bereavement. It is a real emotional tonic. I have also found it very cooling and soothing for PTSD episodes. I recently made a batch for people that regularly visit loved ones in prison. If you would like to receive some for this then please email me at info [@]

While many people do not like glycerin because of its very sweet flavour and the manufacturing involved, I have found the flavour can be part of the remedy. Likewise, it is great to have some medicine that does not contain alcohol as not everybody will consume alcohol and it, therefore, makes the medicine more accessible, especially for those in recovery.

A simple overview using a simple folk method:

  1. Harvest the rose petals
  2. Stuff as many as possible in a jar that you can fit
  3. Cover the jar two thirds full organic vegetable glycerin – try to make sure it is at least 70% of the volume.
  4. Add water and make sure the jar is completely full with no air bubbles
  5. Seal and label
  6. Shake the jar daily and occasionally check to see if more water is needed to keep the petals covered
  7. After two to four weeks, strain out the petals. You can see when it is ready because there should be some colour to the glycerin and also you will be able to taste the rose! To strain, you can do this by pouring through a sieve or some muslin cloth.
  8. Bottle in clean bottles and label

Harvest rose petals

Infuse with glycerin and water

Strain out the liquid


It should be nice and coloured and taste like roses – obviously it will be different colours depending on the petals

Bottle up!

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