​The Bay Area Herbal Response Team (BAHRT, pronounced “Bay Heart”) is a community herbalism hub, working to connect vulnerable communities to herbal remedies and herbal knowledge. Our collective members are herbalists who have come together in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. As experienced community herbalism practitioners, we know that plants have so much to offer for our community’s health and wellbeing. Now more than ever, it is vital that herbalism is accessible to everyone.

We provide urgent herbalism consultations and herbal remedies to our Bay Area communities. We have pick-up locations for herbs in San Francisco and Oakland, and we can also send you herbs in the mail. Because accessibility is critical in this time, all of our offerings are provided on a sliding scale -- and yes, our services can be provided for no cost when needed! BAHRT is proud to provide high-quality services to people of all income levels. We encourage those who can pay for these services to do so, so that we can continue providing free services to those who cannot.

The BAHRT Collective also distributes herbs to communities in need, and teaches our communities about how to use herbs for protection and wellbeing in these times. Find many helpful herbal education resources on this website, and also on our Instagram (@bayhrt) and Facebook (fb.me/bayareahrt).

The Bay Area Herbal Response team is based on unceded Ohlone land. We also stand in solidarity with and are deeply indebted to herbalists and other practitioners in China who were the first to develop cutting-edge herbal protocols in the face of the Coronavirus crisis.

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  • Oakland, CA, USA

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