Tave Cole

Tave is a community herbalist who has experience primarily working to support the health of drug using communities. Her areas of interest include mental health and trauma support, immune support and nutrition. Her approach is harm reduction based and uses herbs that are affordable and easily accessible.

  • Tave Cole (she/her)
  • Toronto, Canada



Shabina is a Western Herbalist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (almost) and has studied Ayurveda. She is offering free educational about immune support, collecting information about TCM herbal protocols to share and hosting webinars.

  • Shabina (she/her)
  • Toronto, Canada

Jordan Ramsay

Jordan Ramsay is a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and a registered acupuncturist. She works with both Chinese herbs and western herbs. Practicing in Toronto, Canada, and also offers phone / video herbal consults. Jordan has worked with plants for the last two decades in gardening / farming realms. She has been fascinated with our relationship with plants as medicine and how we can transform our own health with the help of our community. She is also passionate about land and wildlife protection and see the the health of our lands and the health of our humans inextricably linked.

It is best to reach me through email at: ramsay.ejf@gmail.com

  • Jordan Ramsay (she/they)
  • Toronto, Canada


Fancy is a practicing clinical western herbalist who offers sliding scale/lowcost/free herbal care on Sinixt territory in the slocan valley in bc canada. They work with local plants and flower essences with a focus on harm reduction.

  • Fancy (they/them)
  • Slocan Valley, Winlaw, BC, Canada

Dani B

Dani is a Registered Clinical Herbalsit (OHA) offering sliding scale consultations and remedies. I work in the Tkaronto and Mnidoo Mnis areas and offer online consultations.

  • daniellebourgault.com
  • 7052824704