Chelsea offers private consultations, alcohol-based tinctures, flower & gem essences, songs, lifestyle recommendations including meditation, ritual, and movement. With support from Ashkenazi ancestors, teachers, & mentors, Chelsea wants to share my gift with you. As a community herbalist, she connects people with plants and deep healing. Together we can build a more liberated world. She practices and teaches herbalism with a desire to share, especially with those who might not otherwise find this healing accessible (disabled, queer, low income, diasporic.)

For almost 15 years, Chelsea has experienced pleasure exploring, brewing, concocting, and studying plant medicine and wellness. She is so excited to meet you and expand the collective web of connections! She hopes to introduce you to plant allies and other friends to aid in healing. Creating custom herbal formulas for people brings Chelsea so much joy. Chelsea is inspired by community wellness, lessons from honeybees, queerness, and the power of kindness. Her work combines formal and inherited education from many traditions including Judaism, Ayurveda, Raja Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Astrology.

  • Chelsea Taxman (she/her)
  • Northampton, Massachusetts, US

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