Hayley is a trained clinical herbalist offering pay what you can virtual herbal consultations. Herbal medicine is subsidized by 50% for BIPOC. Based in Catskills, NY.

Consultations are structured to take into account the whole person beyond a diagnosis. All bodies are unique and should be addressed as individuals. An initial consultation appointment involves a 1.5 - 2 hour discussion in order to get a full picture of the different elements, whether acute or chronic, that make up your current health state and identify your goals for the future. We will take into account your medical history as well as utilize traditional techniques like tongue and pulse diagnosis. All bodies and genders are welcome.

-New clients will be asked to fill out an intake form prior to our appointment
-Clients will receive written individualized recommendations that may include herbal remedies, options for making your own medicine, nutritional support and lifestyle changes
-Clients may reach out with specific questions free of charge
-Initial consultations are worth $75 with no one being turned away for lack of funds. Bartering and paying over time is also accepted. This does not include cost for herbal remedies.
-Herbal remedies will be subsidized by 50% for BIPOC
-Follow-up consultations are $40
-Zoom consultations are available

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