Jules Benefico is a Clinical Western Herbalist with an undying passion to help others uncover the mysteries of their soul and heal naturally. Jules focuses on allyship, forgiveness, gratitude, shadow work, pleasure, and solidarity as tools to aid her herbal work. She believes that herbal first aid is an important form of activism and that herbal medicine is an accessible earth based healthcare system that digs deep to get to the root of ailments not cover up symptoms. She states "Herbalism is like a mycelial network that brings people in communion with nature and can be a tool to rise up in action consciously and productively." Jules has been studying herbal medicine for 7 years and offers consultations, workshops, medicine, and supports herbal clinics in times of crises like California wildfires. She has a handcrafted herbal skincare & aromatherapy line for self-care, intention setting, and nourishment Called Opal Elements Cosmic Apothecary and works at a local apothecary as a staff herbalist, retail buyer, and social media marketer. Jules studies alchemy, astrology, and herbalism and integrates these magickal practices into her life, consultations, and workshops. She is here to serve her community and help people connect with plant medicine so they have the tools to heal themselves.

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