Lodi Flori is a holistic health practitioner living and working on occupied Coast Miwok land. They are currently offering by-donation appointments and sliding scale remedy formulation via chat and skype to support folx on their health journey. Using an elemental lens and through addressing the subtle bodies, may we find holistic ways to support one’s sense of balance, safety and wellbeing. With a background in Ayurvedic medicine, western/folk Herbalism, bodywork and energywork, a session with Lodi might include self-care recs, energywork, pulse evaluation, nutritional support, and/or remedy formulation. Lodi is also available for herbal medicine resource sharing for local organizing efforts.

Fairfax, CA, serving North Bay and greater Bay as needed.

  • Lodi Flori (She/her/they)
  • Fairfax, California, US

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