this is the love child, passion home of ray & golden.
we are two queer healers working & loving to bring queerly inclusive, healing centered somatic practice into the world.

golden is a sexual health worker, herbalist, & craniosacral practitioner & ray is a trauma therapist, somatic coach & energy worker. both practice a trauma-informed, healing-centered approach which seeks to support the rings of support & care needed to transform our world toward one of liberation, justice & genuine person-centered healing.

we believe deeply in the transformative power of somatic healing & intuitive guidance; in the power of attuning our energies to the tides of the planet, meeting people where they are & joining alongside the healing journeys which bring each of us toward embodied well-being. we are deeply committed to helping create a world of liberation, of true disability justice & healing the great divide of people, planet & purpose.

  • Golden Petoia
  • St. Louis, Missouri

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