Plantain Project is a group of medicinal plant growers and medicine makers dedicated to improving community access to herbal medicine. Plantain Project is an all-volunteer group of plant lovers who turn urban yards into medicinal gardens. The medicine they grow goes directly to herbalists who provide care to marginalized communities. Plantain Project currently offers: Pain Salves, Burn Salves, Herbal Foot Sprays, Topical Pain Sprays, Oral health Sprays and Tinctures, Nerve Tonics (alcohol and non alcohol based), Lung and chest Alcohol tinctures and non Alcohol Vinegar Oxymels, Immunity Tinctures and Oxymels, Abscess Pulling poultices, Dried herbs for teas or smoke blends as well as Community Collaberative urban garden bed space in NE Portland.

  • Plantain Project PDX (they/them)
  • Chinook Territory ~ Portland Oregon, US

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