Radical Herbal Remedies is a generational Bay Area health care worker. They were raised by a radical MN proletarian farming community. They currently offer medicinal herb gardening advice through their cousins East Oakland Apothecary @wellnessandreleaf. They are a CA, Licensed Esthetician specializing in the integumentary system (skin care). R.H.R has over a year of hands on experience with basic hygienic protocols as former C.N.A. Nursing Home/ Hospice Care worker.

With two years experience as a Volunteer first responder for the Greenville CA, Fire Department they have assisted EMTs with Emergency Medical situations. From directing traffic to C spine immobilization, they know basic First Aid. With a C.E.R.T Certification (Doesn't mean they like cops) of training, they can offer free advice and a helping hand. Free advice includes how to properly utilize a gait belt when assisting an individual with limited mobility, proper Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) and proper bio hazard scenario precautions. They have basic knowledge of herbalism and the Spanish language. They can whip up herbal remedies from hand sanitizer to Elderberry Syrups to a variety of topicals, teas and tinctures. Supplies limited. Contact via Email RadicalHerbalRemedies@gmail.com Peace, Love and Solidarity

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