The Community Medicine Cabinet has three shelves holding our classes, clinical practice, and self-care products. In a moment in history when access to health care is limited to many (especially for reasons of race, class, queerness, and ability), we strive to be an accessible resource working to empower our community to care for itself.

Our clinical energetic herbalist, Madalyn Berg is currently offering pay what you can consultations and we are also selling herbal products to support folks through COVID. We are accepting none and partial product payment through our Pay it Forward Fund so if finances are a barrier to access to medicine, we are resourced to help you out. Madalyn is a Blue Otter alum and past faculty member at CSHS and Gathering Thyme Herb schools. She has been studying herbalism for a decade and opened her practice in 2016.
*We're mailing from occupied Southern pomo territory (Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

  • Madalyn S Berg (she/her)
  • 4158701332
  • Santa Rosa, CA, United States

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