Merch Update

Thank you SO much for your incredible support for the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais this January! Here is a little update on your orders for Solidarity Knows No Borders and Plants Know No Borders hoodies, t-shirts, aprons, tea towels and patches.

All orders were posted on the 2nd and 3rd February by Royal Mail from Bristol, UK.

Please note this merch was advertised as a pre-order. This means we closed for orders on the 18th Jan pm. Then we sent the money to the amazing Carryonscreening printers who ordered the items we needed in bulk and began their mammoth screenprinting mission for us! T-shirts were then delivered to Bristol where a group of volunteers packed and posted 400+ orders out.

On every item in the store it said that merch would be posted out at the end of January/early February. Apologies if this was not clear and you feel you have been waiting a long time for the merch. We don’t have the financial resources as a project to buy merch up-front so this is the best way we can do it. We appreciate your patience!

When will I receive my merch?

  • For folks in the UK, packages were sent 2nd class. Royal Mail’s delivery aim is 2-3 working days (so you should have them by now or any day now!)
  • For folks in the US, Canada, mainland Europe – Royal Mail’s delivery aim is 6-7 working days. In our experience, however, it’s more like 14 days!

I haven’t received my merch, what should I do?

Please wait until the end of February if you are based internationally before emailing us. If it has still not been received by then, then it’s likely to have been an issue in the post. Please email and I will look up your tracking details online. I just want to add that the Royal Mail Drop and Go system is super frustrating to use – their postcode search function often does not work well so it means manually scrolling through hundreds of orders to find your package. So your patience is really appreciated before having to do this task.

We are all unpaid volunteers with the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais (and not amazon), so thank you for your patience in time taken to reply to emails etc!

I received the wrong size/design, what should I do?

Please email ASAP and we will do our best to swap out your item with someone else who received the wrong item. Hopefully this will not be a common occurance! If we are not able to swap out the item for any reason, we will refund you.

What happens if the merch gets returned?

We will keep an eye out for any returned post. If it’s returned for no fault of your own, then the clinic will take the ‘financial hit’ and pay for it to be posted again. We will email you and try to confirm a more reliable postage address.

If it gets returned because it is unclaimed by you e.g. customs fee, we will ask you to cover the costs of re-sending it. We are a super grassroots project and every single penny is used for medicine making and clinic costs, so spending money on postage multiple times takes its toll on us financially.

Will you do another print run soon?

I’m super sorry – as advertised, this was the last print run of this particular design. I’m about to have a baby so won’t be able to do such time-consuming fundraisers in the near future! The best thing to do is to sign up to the newsletter where I will share any future merch offers!

How can I support the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais?

We have a crowdfunder still open and welcome every single donation we receive. Please donate here:

Sharing pics of yourself in our merchandise and raising awareness about the clinic is super appreciated too! Please ensure you tag the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais on Instagram @mobileherbalclinic_calais

Thanks again for your vital support of the project!!!!!!!!!

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