Podcast Interview Info

Thank you so much for being a guest on the Frontline Herbalism Podcast!

About the show

The Frontline Herbalism Podcast is a show for people who love plants and care about liberation. Plant knowledge, medicine making tips, interviews and advice on how to skill up to strengthen collective autonomy, self-defence and resilience to climate change, capitalism and state violence. Learning and inspiration from grassroots healthcare initiatives and frontline herbal projects worldwide. You can listen to all the previous episodes here: https://solidarityapothecary.org/podcast/

As of December 2023, there have been 18.6k downloads. Episodes are shared on my mailing list (3k+ people) and on my instagram (17k followers). I really hope this platform I’ve been trying to build can help amplify your work too!

Arranging our interview

Please book a call via this online booking calender: https://clinic.solidarityapothecary.org/connect/

If none of the times are possible for you, please let me know and we can arrange another time!

Preparing for the interview

If you are able, please try to be somewhere quiet with limited background noise. If you have a microphone, even better! Otherwise please experiment with recording yourself on your computer. We will do a sound check together too.

Sound quality is really important for accessibility purposes, I appreciate your effort in advance!

The call is recorded via an online tool called ‘Alitu’. You do not need to download anything – it simply records the call via your browser. I will send you the link before the call.

Your details

Please email me your info to info@solidarityapothecary.org :

  • Name (as you’d like to be shared/or if you’d like to be anonymous)
  • Pronouns
  • A short bio of a few sentences that I can include in promoting the podcast
  • Any website links or social media links that you’d like me to include
  • Anything else you’d like to share!
  • Anything off limits that you’d like me to not ask about during the interview. Or anything you’d like to plug or particularly focus on
  • If you’d like me to share a photo of you, please email that over too

Thanks so much!!!!!