Prisoner Herbalism Collective

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The Prisoner Herbalism Collective is a small crew dedicated to supporting prisoners through herbalism. We love plants and hate prisons. Our main focus is distributing copies of The Prisoner’s Herbal book to people in prison all over the world.

So far more than 2000 copies have been donated to prisoner book projects and individual prisoners.

Activities include:

  • Processing book requests.
  • Translating the book into different languages. Current translations in progress include Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Serbian-Croatian, Greek and Italian.
  • Creating addendums to add more regional plants plants, as well as stories from different herbal traditions.
  • Working with CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Boston that offer free distance-learning programs for people in prison.
  • Connecting herbalists to prison abolition through podcast interviews, articles and workshops.

How to request books

Prisoner friends and families, book projects and grassroots groups can request a copy of the book by completing this short request form:

How to support

  • Buy a copy of the book – people buying them on the outside pays for them to be sent to people inside.
  • Donate! Funds are always needed for book printing and postage. You can also sponsor a box.
  • Connect us with your local prison book project!
  • Invite us on your podcast
  • Share our work with your networks
  • Get involved in translating
  • Volunteer to help post books to prisoners
  • Join the collective to help take this work further

Email to get involved.