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Podcast Interview with Herb Rally

Check out this little interview I did for the Herb Rally Podcast as part of their ‘Herbalist’s Hour’ series!

We talked about the Prisoner’s Herbal book, learning herbalism in prison, what plant medicines can offer people recovering from state violence and PTSD and many more things! I get a bit emotional at points but also manage to have a laugh with Mason, the host. I super appreciate having a platform to share this work as like he says, most people aren’t thinking about the millions of people excluded from herbalism in prison. 

I didn’t realise until like 50 minutes that the video of the call would also be published (lol). So am not at my best outfit or makeup wise haha but you can check it out on the Herb Rally YouTube channel! Check out the video here.

I’ve also published the interview on my Frontline Herbalism Podcast.

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