Herbalist Mutual Aid Directory

• A directory of herbalists that are offering free or sliding-scale herbal medicines to support people during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Plant Profiles

• Check out the ever-growing directory of plant profiles:

Plant Medicine Projects in England, Wales and Scotland

Grass Roots Remedies: Workers co-op in Edinburgh run by some badass radical herbalists –
Herbal Unity Project: at the Unity Centre in Glasgow that offers practical support and solidarity to migrants –
Hedge Herbs: my awesome friend Rasheeqa and her clinic in North East London –
• Inthebody: one of my favourite humans in the world, Lisa Fannen. Bodywork, organiser and more –
• Radical Herbalism Gathering: A national gathering each summer to help build a radical herbalism movement. I used to be part of the organising collective –
Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic: My friends Becs and Anwen who offer a sliding scale clinic, teach courses and work with Herbalists without Borders –
Herbalists without Borders UK: Growing national network of projects, including an ongoing clinic in Calais –
• Herbal History Research Network: For all the geeks out there –
• Radical Body Network: looking at bodywork and social change –

International Herbalism Projects

United Plant Savers: Organisation dedicated to the conservation of medicinal plants –
Mycologos: Online and in-person fungi school teaching topics such as fungi cultivation and mycoremediation –
Herbalista: A broad network of clinic projects and herb programs, including the Herb Bus. As well as loads of resources on the website –
Healing Justice Podcast: Podcast about the intersections of collective healing and social change –
• Plant Healer Magazine: publications and resources on folk herbalism –

Herbalism Schools and Projects by and for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour

Seed, Root & Bloom: “is a hood collective gathering to weave healing + justice for our indigenous and african lineages.” They offer in-person and online trainings for indigenous and black people of colour. The site also calls for donations as a form of reparations –
Ancestral Apothecary school: is dedicated to the study of herbal, folk and indigenous medicine –
Harriet’s Apothecary: Described as “Harriet’s Apothecary is an intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, magicians, activists and ancestors”. –
School of Liberation Healing and Medicine: “is a space where we can share knowledge about suppressed black, brown, queer, two-spirit, trans and gender non-conforming healing histories.” The school organises the POC Herbal Freedom School –
Toi Scott: Blog of Toi Scott who founded the above School of Liberation Healing and Medicine –
Queering Herbalism: Toi is also the author of the amazing publication Queering Herbalism available on etsy –

LGBTQIA+ Herbalism and Health Resources

Otter Lieffe: one of my favourite femmes and friends in the whole world! Otter is a working class femme and trans woman who writes incredible books, offers holistic body work and also teaches online classes. Check her out –
Trans Competency Course for Holistic Health Therapists: This course is designed by Otter for bodyworkers and holistic therapists, herbalists, yoga teachers and anyone else involved in complementary healthcare, to become more aware of the issues trans folk face and to make practices safer and more accessible for this community –
Herbs for Transitioning: A solid overview of herbs for transitioning –
Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks: A Resource for Herbalists and other Practitioners curated by Clinical Herbalists Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich and Larken Bunce –
Jennifer Patterson: Queer writer, editor, herbalist, trauma and grief worker. Jennifer

Anarchism, Solidarity and Mutual Aid

What is Mutual Aid? Good article by the Big Door Brigade –
How to support an Herbal Call to Action: Great blog post by Alexis J.Cunningfolk –
It’s Going Down: Brilliant news site with the latest actions and analysis –
Sprout Distro: Download all the anarchist zines you could ever need! –
Freedom Books: Anarchist bookshop based in London with an active news section –
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action –
Contra Info: is an international multi-language counter-information and translation node, an infrastructure maintained by anarchists, anti-authoritarians and libertarians who are active in different parts of the globe –
Anti-Fascist Network: Independent and grassroots groups fighting fascism around the UK –

Anti-Prison and Anti-Repression Struggles

Till All Are Free: Online directory of Anarchist Black Cross groups around the world –
International Anarchist Defence Fund – Important fund for folks experiencing repression –
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross: local prisoner support crew –
Community Action on Prison Expansion: Grassroots coalition of local groups organising against prison expansion in England, Wales and Scotland –
Empty Cages Collective: Anarchist collective building a movement to dismantle the prison industrial complex –
Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England (WISE-RA): Prisoner union as part of the International Workers of the World. Organise various prisoner solidarity and prison labour campaigns –
Smash IPP: Work with prisoners and prisoner families to free IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) prisoners who are serving life sentences for minor crimes –
Jengba: Joint Enterprise not guilty by association – a campaign fighting for people convicted for joint enterprise –
Miscarriages of Justice UK: Campaigning for miscarriages of justice in the prison system –
Bent Bars: A letter-writing project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, gender-variant, intersex, and queer prisoners in Britain –
Rupression: solidarity website for anarchists and anti-fascists experiencing repression in Russia –
Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement: US based anti-prison group with some very inspiring texts and analysis on prison abolition and wider social struggle –
• Fight Toxic Prisons: amazing crew building links between mass incarceration and environmental justice –

Decolonisation, Herbalism and Ecological Struggles

Decolonization resources: From the Florida Herbal Conferece –
Awakening the Horse People: serves people of European heritage and others interested in decolonization by providing practical resources that can aid in decolonization, reconnection with ancestral lifeways, and re-development of an identity rooted in the culture of place –
Unsettling America: Site on decolonisation in theory and practice –
Reclaim the Fields: constellation of anti-capitalist food growers across Europe –
Frack Off: amazing crew organising against fracking and supporting local groups across the UK –
Earth First Journal: online and print magazine with dispatches from the frontline of ecological struggles worldwide –
Animal Liberation Currents: critical perspectives on animal liberation linking multiple struggles –
Hambach Forest: ongoing occupation to oppose Europe’s largest open cast coal mine –

Food Autonomy and Permaculture Projects

Liberation Ecology: website of permaculture practitioner Rafter Sass Ferguson –
Pandora Thomas: Amazing permaculture designer and founder of the Black Permaculture Network –
Black Permaculture Network: BPN is a network of Afro-indigenous people who have come together through the practices of permaculture, agroecology, natural living and care of the earth –
Graham Burnett: the living legend anarcho-punk who I teach permaculture courses with –
Empty Cages Design: my own website focusing on my agroecology and organising work –
Feed Avalon: my workers cooperative focused on cultivating socially-just and ecologically sound food systems in Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas –

Witchy Links

Worts and Cunning Apothecary: The website of Alexis J.Cunningfolk, an incredible intersectional herbalist who I have been studying the Lunar Apothecary course with –
Little Red Tarot: RIP this amazing political tarot blog. A last blog hosts a huge collection of links to radical witchy websites –
Stella the Good Witch: Stella offers astrology, tarot and ritual services to the anti-capitalist community at a sliding scale –
Gods and radicals: news site, distro and more –

Mental Health, Grief and Trauma

Herbs to Support the Heart in times of Grief: Brilliant blogpost by Evolutionary Herbalism –
Herbal/Crisis Trauma Kit: Solid overview of what to carry at actions and events where things could get gnarly –
Herbs for Mental Health: Site with lots of resources –
The Icarus Project: Radical mental health project –
Amani Omjer: my beautiful talented friend who writes about chronic illness, trauma, suicide and more –