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Herbalist Mutual Aid Directory

Below is a directory of herbalists that are offering free or sliding-scale herbal medicines to support people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is still being created and new herbalists will be added every Sunday. Please share and ask herbal contacts you know to add their details. The aim is to create a comprehensive directory of grassroots herbal medicine support available around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to use the directory

  • Use the search function on the right to search for a particular city or place, or the herbalist’s name if you know it.
  • Click on the herbalist’s name to see their full information and contact details.
  • Emails are protected for spam purposes but you can email them via the form on the right of their profile.

Notes before reading

  • These are all herbalists that have submitted their own information to support people during the pandemic (and beyond) – I cannot comment on their skills or experience as herbalists or the quality of their medicines. Sadly, I do not know most of them personally! Even though I would definitely like to.
  • Country names are unfortunately given as abbreviations e.g. UK, US – rather than England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the different Indigenous terrorities of the so-called United States or Canada. Some entries have included an acknowledgement of Indigenous terrority and I’d encourage all herbalists to do so who are submitting their details for the directory. For more information on this, Unsettling America has a lot of good resources.
  • Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to add themselves to this directory. Your work is valued and appreciated!
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