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Sponsor A Box – Help get the Prisoner’s Herbal to people in prison worldwide

Sponsor a box graphic with a picture of the Prisoner's Herbal book

Since the launch of the Prisoners Herbalism Collective, requests for copies of the Prisoner’s Herbal Book have gone through the roof.

Over the last year, I have covered the costs of shipping the books to prisoners via sales of books to people on the outside. However, demand is exceeding the amount I can fundraise from book sales.

Therefore, I’ve created an opportunity for people with greater financial resources to be able to Sponsor a Box: 

  • Extra Large, £157 – enables 50 individual copies of the book to be posted to prisoners directly. £1 for each book and £2.14 postage at current rates.
  • Large, £80 – enables us to post 50 copies of the book to an existing prisoner book project who has requested them. They will then distribute the books on their mailing lists.
  • Medium – £45 – enables us to donate and post 25 copies of the book to a prisoner book project to distribute.

Why does the book matter?

There are more than 10 million people around the world in prison. People are living in dehumanising environments, experiencing medical neglect and a separation from the outside world. Plants however, know no borders, and can still be found defying the concrete in prison courtyards. The Prisoner’s Herbal connects people with herbalism and the deep meaning plants bring to our lives once we are in relationship with them. It provides practical advice about how to work with common weeds in simple and direct ways.

Learn more about the book here:

How to Sponsor a Box

Simply use the store here to sponsor the box, as if you were purchasing any other product:

If you would like to be kept updated on where the books you have sponsored will be going, please email

If you would like a shout out of thanks on the Solidarity Apothecary Instagram, please also let me know!

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