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Call-outs for Solidarity

[Image shows two logos from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity with a yarrow symbol. The title text says ‘Latest update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity’. There is a white square with text (see caption) and There are pink roses behind the text.]
Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Latest Update from Ukraine Herbal Solidarity

A note from a Ukrainian herbalist volunteering at the clinic: russia’s genocidal re-invasion of Ukraine has inflicted immense devastation across Ukraine’s gorgeous cities and villages — a devastation layered atop three and a half centuries of russian colonization. People…

Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity Update

Content warning – explicit invasion related content I just got home from Poland a couple of days ago. I’m exhausted and struggling to process all the hellish stories I heard during my time at our herbal space. An incredible…

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity
Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity – Please support!

Find the page with full details here: Please donate to the crowdfunder here: What is happening? This page has been created six days into the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military. Over a million people have…

Image shows the ruins of a prison covered by plants
Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

#JailBreak June

In Mid May, I launched Books for Bail Bonds – a two week fundraising drive where all proceeds of my books went towards the The Alachua County Bond Fund. Together, we raised $1316 USD! At the end of this…

Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Books for Bail Bonds!

For the next two weeks ALL proceeds from the sales of The Prisoner’s Herbal and Overcoming Burnout books will go towards bail funds to get people free from jail! Why books for bail bonds? Money bail is a guarantee…

Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Seed, Soil + Spirit BIPOC Scholarship Fund

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji and Stephanie Morningstar have launched a crowdcover to cover the cost of scholarships for Black, Indigenous and other racialized students for SEED, SOIL + SPIRT Herbal Medicine School. You can donate here: About the Course (from…

Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Urgent Appeal for COVID-19 Herbal Solidarity with Refugees

Donate to the crowdfunder here: For the last five years, Herbalists without Borders UK has maintained a presence in Northern France supporting refugees and migrants risking their lives to cross the British Border. This winter we have helped…

Blog Call-outs for Solidarity

Herbalists without Borders Winter Calais Campaign

Please donate to the Herbalists without Borders Winter Calais Campaign! Find the link here: The need: We are witnessing a mass movement of displaced people that is unprecedented in our lifetime. Towns and cities in Northern France and…