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New Podcast Interview!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Public Love Project Podcast created by Laura Hartley. We talked about “How can… herbal medicine support victims of state violence?”. We touch on herbalism, PTSD, burnout, the Prisoner’s Herbal, the…

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The revolutionary potential of the prisoner class

New article in Bulldozer magazine! Bulldozer is a zine for prison abolition produced by members of the Industrial Workers of the World’s (IWW) Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) Ireland. Download your copy of the zine here: I’ve also…

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Herbs for Anger and Rage

Content warning – references to suicide, self-harm, state violence, imprisonment, cancer Yesterday was a hard day. Back to back calls from friends in prison. News that one of my closest friends, Taylor, had slashed his face open and tried…