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Foot Care for Calais: A Short Course in Herbal Footcare

About: Our world is experiencing a crisis of displaced persons unlike any we have ever known. In Calais, France several thousand refugees live scattered along the coast, hoping to make their way across the channel to England. These refugees are living under the harshest conditions, without proper shelter or supplies, exposed to the damp and cold of winter, and under the constant threat of police. Herbalists without Borders UK offers herbal care in Calais and Dunkirk on a monthly basis. One of the more common issues presenting there is foot injury.

The course will cover: basic foot care and assessment; sanitation and safety concerns; protocols for specific ailments including nail issues, corns, calluses, blisters, fungus, sprains, chilblains, trench foot, and basic wound care; and the considerations and challenges faced when providing mobile foot care outside of a clinical setting. Workshop will be a blend of lecture and demonstration.

Funds will be used to cover the footcare clinic costs in Calais. The course is a sliding scale from £40 – £100.

About the Instructors:

Lorna Mauney-Brodek is a Foot Health Practitioner, clinical herbalist, and Wilderness First Responder.  She is the founder the Herbalista Free Clinic, which provides herbal care to underserved communities utilizing mobile units, including the Herb Bus, the Herb Cart, and Dublin Herb Bike. She has been caring for the feet of our friends on the street for over a decade, at home and on the road– from forests to encampments, occupations to city streets.  She manages the Harriet Tubman Foot Care Clinic located in Atlanta, GA, a collaborative care clinic which combines herbal and conventional therapies.  To learn more about the Herbalista Free Clinic, please visit

Melissa Ronaldson is a clinical herbalist with more than 20 years experience who has been working in Calais since 2015.

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