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Books for Bail Bonds!

For the next two weeks ALL proceeds from the sales of The Prisoner’s Herbal and Overcoming Burnout books will go towards bail funds to get people free from jail!

Why books for bail bonds?

Money bail is a guarantee (usually $$$) that a judge may require someone to post as a condition of their release before trial. 70% of people in jail are awaiting trial because they cannot afford the hundreds to thousands of dollars for bail.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts have escalated to fundraise to get people free all over the US as the virus spreads like wildfire in the prison system.

Black people are twice as likely to be held pretrial as white people. 75% of women in local jails are women of colour.

More than 360,000 people are also impacted by immigration bonds – the U.S has the largest immigrant detention system in the world.

Bail bond companies make more than $1.4 billion a year profiting from the prison industrial complex.

(Statistics from @nationalbailout)

How it works

  • Order your book(s) from the webstore here:
  • You can also include an optional extra donation at the checkout which will also go towards the bail fund
  • Funds will be donated to the The Alachua County Bond Fund simply because I have personal contacts through IWOC in this area.
  • Follow my instagram for updates!!

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