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I am incredibly excited (and nervous) about bringing a new life into the world this April! I have created this post to share practical information on what to expect from the Solidarity Apothecary and myself while I am on maternity leave.

One of the values of the Solidarity Apothecary is care – this means also caring for myself doing this work as a feminist and anti-ableist act. So I have planned to take 6 months of maternity leave so I can recover from pregnancy and nourish myself and the little one the best I can! I have tried to get several systems in place so that aspects of the work of the Solidarity Apothecary can continue while I’m on leave beginning in April.

Solidarity Apothecary Store

The Prisoner’s Herbal

  • Two kind volunteers will be posting copies of the Prisoner’s Herbal to people in prison 1-2 times per month.
  • Please request copies here:
  • If books have not been received or there has been an issue, or you have any other Prisoner’s herbal query please can you email and put PRISONERS HERBAL in the subject line.

1:1 Clinic

  • I sadly stopped supporting people 1:1 earlier during my pregnancy due to unrelenting sickness and vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarum) in the first six months.
  • I will be ready (hopefully) to welcome back 1:1 clients as of the beginning of October 2024.
  • The best thing to do is to sign up to my newsletter for any changing updates. Sign up here:
  • To learn more about the support I offer, please see the clinic website here:
  • It would be my honour to support you when I’m back but please don’t stop yourself reaching out for care right now, as there are many amazing herbalists out there. You can see folks that use a sliding scale here:
  • For people based in the UK, I recommend my colleagues who I have worked with in Calais and trust clinically! Helen Rideout is in Bristol and Victor Paes is in London.

The Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais

  • I stepped back as a Field Coordinator for the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais during my pregnancy but have done my best to stay as active as I can in the group and support with fundraising and other tasks. The trips are still happening each month and your support is still needed.
  • Please email if you’re interested in getting involved or with any other enquiries.
  • Please continue to support the project via this crowdfunder:
  • Find the website here:


  • If you have a problem with Plants Know No Borders/Solidarity Knows No Borders merchandise previously ordered not arriving please email me before the end of March with your query.
  • If you have an issue after March, please email with the subject line CALAIS MERCH so that it can be forwarded to the appropriate person.

The Herbalism, PTSD & Traumatic Stress Course

For existing learners

  • For people who have previously enrolled in the Herbalism, PTSD & Traumatic Stress course – you still have forever access!
  • If you have lost your logins or need help accessing the course, please see this troubleshooting page:
  • If you cannot find the resources folder, please see the ‘materials’ tab on the first course video page where you can find a link
  • If you have a question relating to the course content please email with the subject line PTSD COURSE QUERY.
  • I have organised some trusted herbalists and folks knowledgeable about PTSD to respond to queries if I’m unable to. Please give explicit consent/no consent to share your information if you are disclosing something personal <3

For potential learners

Making Herbal Medicine with Glycerine Course

  • The Making Herbal Medicine with Glycerine course is available on demand! You can purchase it here:
  • If you have a question while completing the course, please email with the subject line GLYCERINE WORKSHOP QUESTION and it will be responded to by a skilled medicine maker in my network!

Practical Medicine Making Intensive

  • The Practical Medicine Making Intensive in September has amazingly sold out!
  • A large number of people have emailed expressing interest in the subsidised and free places on the course, I will reply to everyone before my maternity leave.
  • I am planning to confirm some dates for a second intensive. Please join my newsletter to be informed –
  • If you have a question about the course while I’m on maternity leave please email with the subject MEDICINE MAKING INTENSIVE and one of my admin folks will reply to you the best they can.

Herbal Solidarity Care Packages

  • I tried so hard to prepare some packages in advance so that I could organise getting these out to people during my maternity leave. Unfortunately, I have been too overwhelmed with the launch of the Herbalism and State Violence book and moving into a static caravan in preparation for the baby. Therefore with a heavy heart, I won’t be able to gift folks medicine over the next few months 🙁
  • However, I am hoping as part of my maternity leave to continue to forage and make medicine in a restful and nourishing way with a baby strapped to me, so that this autumn I can continue to support folks experiencing state violence with herbal medicine.

The Frontline Herbalism Podcast

  • I have done my best to pre-record interviews in advance and schedule content for the podcast! It will be less frequent but I hope it still keeps listeners satisfied and inspired <3
  • There are several interviews with amazing herbal projects that will have a staggered release.
  • You can find all the podcast episodes here:


  • I have written and scheduled posts to continue through my maternity leave so that I can promote offerings such as the Herbalism, PTSD and Traumatic Stress course – this does not mean I’m working in the moment or that I can reply promptly to comments or DMs.
  • I will be using my Instagram as a personal page and hopefully sharing baby updates, plant pictures and political organising news etc as normal!

Blog Posts & Newsletters

  • Similar to Instagram, I have written and scheduled posts and newsletter emails in advance to continue being in community with folks. However, this does not mean I’m working in the moment or able to respond as normal! So please continue to send emails to

Any other queries

  • For anything not listed on this page, please email – please make the subject line as clear as possible so it’s easy to direct your query!

Thanks so much for everyone’s patience and support during this massive life transition!!!!!

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