I’ve sent and recommended both

I’ve sent and recommended both of your books to pals in prison. I think they really appreciated it, especially the ones who were already into foraging and missed being in nature.
I read your ‘overcoming burnout’ book while I had just basically burnout, i couldn’t get out of bed and had this constant anxiety that was making my current activism impossible, on top of supporting a partner and other pals who were incarcerated. It really helped me, not only as something that was easy to read but also gave me hope, hearing your story, and hearing how you cared for yourself and helped yourself without being on 6 month plus waiting lists for therapists that just offered CBT, which is what I got and felt it was very unsuited especially to my neurodivergant mind. I related to you so hard, especially hearing about all your incarcerated friends.
I also love to listen to your podcast when I’m on the go, it’s my favourite radical political podcasts:)
Also started your course but have yet to actually get going with it 🙁