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The Prisoner Herbalism Collective is an international crew of people who love plants and hate prisons. We focus on getting copies of The Prisoner’s Herbal Book to people in prison around the world. We are calling out for new people to get involved this winter! 🖤🌱

🏴 What’s involved?
– We meet once a month on the last Sunday of the month for 1-2 hours max
– We communicate via a low traffic email list and signal group

Key Roles needing people!

📚 So called US and UK
– People that can help process book requests (typing up names and addresses from letters received from prisoners into a spreadsheet)
– People that can physically post copies of the book to people on the list (and are able to store some copies with them).

💌 US specific
– Volunteers to collect the post from our PO Box in New York

✏️UK specific
– Help coordinating a Herbalism distance learning program with people in prison. This involves printing and posting materials produced by the CommonWealth School of Herbalism, answering enquiries, correspondence etc

💚 So called Spain
– Volunteers to join a crew that can focus on getting the translated edition of the book into people in prison in Spain, Basque Country, Catalunya. It has already been translated, we just need support with getting it into prisons!

💷 Everywhere
– Fundraising help!
– Promotion help!

We are having a welcome meeting on Saturday 27th November 6pm (gmt)

If you are interested please email

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