Zoe Naylor


My name’s Zoe, I’m a medical herbalist based in North Manchester. I offer consultations and herbal medicines for you various health needs. I have a sliding scale or pay what you can afford.

  • Zoe Naylor (she/her)
  • 07864755866
  • Manchester, UK



Simple tinctures made in the Wise Woman Tradition from plants garden grown and harvested in Detroit. Zarah is an apprentice of Susun Weed and has been working with green allies for a decade. She offers herbal support for anxiety, depression, and first aid, as well as information about edible wild plants are hat can be found in your own backyard as a source of food security.

Detroit Local, shipping via usps across USA

  • Zara (she/her)
  • Detroit, US

Wolfberry Apothecary


Wolfberry Apothecary is a queer centered apothecary, offering small batch seasonal folk medicines that focus on alcohol-free nutrient dense formulas, preventative medicine + tried and true folk remedies that can be pretty easily incorporated into daily use. Always offering an accessible sliding scale, Wolfberry Apothecary is committed to providing free or at cost medicines to self IDing black + indigenous POC, as well as to other marginalized populations as capacity allows.

Tucson, AZ + by mail in the so called USA

  • Avey Nim (they/them)
  • Tuscon, Arizona, US

Venus Herbal Apothecary

Venus Herbal Apothecary offers small-batch and individualized medicinal support, as well as supplies and creations culled from many local resources. Teas, tinctures, elixirs, oils, and salves are all available, along with consultations at a very reasonable rate.

  • Jessica Margaret (she/her)
  • Maine, US

Uprooting Lyme


We are located in Kingston, NY and also serve people internationally via tele-medicine. We specialize in Lyme and other infectious illnesses and chronic health problems. We treat primarily through herbs, lifestyle medicine, detoxification, and diet to root out the deeper causes of illness and generate the vital energy necessary to heal. We offer 3-4 clinics / year where consultation is only US $50.

  • Hillary Thing
  • 8453033603
  • 2821 Route 209, Kingston, NY, 12401, United States

Traci Parker

Energetic herbal support

  • Traci Parker
  • 503-752-6469
  • , Portland, OR, 97212, USA

The Solidarity Apothecary


The Solidarity Apothecary is able to produce and post medicines to mutual aid groups, community projects, low income individuals and others in need in the UK. I’m in the process of creating a requests form – in the meantime please email me at info@solidarityapothecary.org

  • Nicole Rose (she/her)
  • Somerset/Bristol/South West but can supply nationally, UK

Tessa Landreau-Grasmuck

Tessa Micaela is a community + clinical herbalist, holistic health educator, full-spectrum generative/reproductive care worker, student midwife and doula based between central Vermont and Philadelphia, PA. Tessa comes to herbalism through community care work, and is committed to building and sustaining resiliency for individuals and ecosystems. Grounded in trauma-informed and healing justice organizing, Tessa works with clients to address their physical and emotional imbalances toward sustainable wellness, with an emphasis on joy and connection – meeting everyone where they are at, but not leaving them there. Tessa’s offerings are always available on a sliding scale/PWYC with priority given to folks who are LBTTQ+, low-income, immigrant, single-parent, BIPOC, and disabled. Tessa offers mini (30 min) herbal consultations for acute needs, as well as comprehensive (2 hour) consultations for individualized assessment-based protocols. Tessa also teaches workshops on a variety of herbal and generative/reproductive care topics.

  • Tessa Landreau-Grasmuck (they/them)
  • Central Vermont and Philadelphia, US

Tave Cole

Tave is a community herbalist who has experience primarily working to support the health of drug using communities. Her areas of interest include mental health and trauma support, immune support and nutrition. Her approach is harm reduction based and uses herbs that are affordable and easily accessible.

  • Tave Cole (she/her)
  • Toronto, Canada

Stonefruit Community Herbalists


The Stonefruit Community Herbalist’s are currently offer sliding scale $0-50 herbal care check-in’s during the Covid-19 epidemic via video or phone. Herbal formula drop-off’s available in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Jocelyn Kirkwood (she/they)
  • Pittsburgh, US

Stascha Stahl


Stascha offers sliding scale, pay what you can acute care appointments for immune system regulation, respiratory system distress, stress, anxiety, etc. In the 30 minutes, she will ask about present concerns, health history, constitution and what you’d like from herbs. She will pair you with a custom formula (available on a low sliding scale) and/or with very accessible herbal remedies you may already have in your home or growing nearby. She also offers full consultations on a sliding scale.

Stascha@bayherbalist.com or calendly.com/bayherbalist to schedule an appointment

Oakland CA, can mail anywhere.

  • Stascha Stahl (she/her or they/them)
  • Oakland, California, US

Shadow Work Apothecary

Spiritual protection, cleansing, energetic oils, balms, teas, sprays.

  • Edith Ramirez
  • (909) 964-2695
  • 1478 Holly Ave, Colton, California, 92324, USA

Sara Schuster


Sara is offering sliding scale video consults and free/sliding scale herbal offerings that can be mailed to you or dropped off on your porch. Calming teas and tinctures for these anxious times, immune support, etc. Get in touch and let her know what you need!

  • Sara Schuster (she/her)
  • Nashville and Goodlettsville, Tennessee, US

Santo Serpente


Santo Serpente is a small batch, handmade, and responsibly crafted herbal apothecary with a focus on accessibility and the recognition and reclamation of folk remedies, including vinegars, tinctures, and ritual products. As a rejection of the exploitation of capitalism, all remedies are created in relationship with the earth and what it provides, and in an effort to ensure that herbal remedies are accessible to all, everything is offered on a sliding scale.

Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts / occupied Massachusett and Wampanoag land

  • Santo Serpente (she/they)
  • Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, US

Salish Sea Apothecary


Salish Sea Apothecary is an emerging project based in occupied Suquamish territory (Kitsap County, WA). Offering small-batch medicines, educational resources, guides for health autonomy, and community support. Trauma-informed, justice-oriented.  Member of Herbalists Without Borders.

– Low-cost community apothecary focused on immune, respiratory, and mental health.
– Resources for health autonomy (how-tos, recipes, free information, plant walks, zine lending library)
– Free herbal seed exchange
– Free herbal medicine exchange – digital
– People’s clinic: free and sliding scale herbal consultations

  • Katey Rissi (she/her)
  • Occupied Suquamish Territory (Kitsap County/Seattle Area), US


I have lots of homemade tinctures (all alcohol based), many immuno-stimulating herbs, and some respiratory herbs. I can make people formulas if they need. Brooklyn, NY based.

call/text me 781-572-8871

  • Ry (he/him)
  • 781-572-8871
  • Brooklyn, New York, US

rowan walker


rowan walker is a community herbalist, witch, and full spectrum companion. They are a nonbinary trans person of white Irish, Italian and Lithuanian trancestry. rowan provides compassionate nonjudgmental care to gender fucked & trans community through plant medicine, ritual and transition support.  they are especially interested in providing support around mental health, addiction/recovery, gender transitions, and trauma healing.

Sliding scale consults starting at $0 for folks in need, distance and in person (6ft away!) welcome. rowan is passionate about building radical queer community, rolling around in the flowers on sunny days, and learning to how better to support each other as the world burns around us all.

  • rowan walker (they/them)
  • Western NC based out of Asheville, NC / Tsalagi Territory, US

Red River Herbs


Red River Herbs offers sliding-scale herbal remedies created by a trained community herbalist from the SWANA diaspora. Many more products will be restocked and posted in the upcoming weeks to reflect the spring harvest. Please visit redriverherbs.com for information, contact, and order information.

Profits during the Covid-19 crisis (all purchases made beyond the “at cost” sliding scale option) will be donated to Casa Marianella, an emergency shelter in Austin that receives asylum-seekers and displaced immigrants. Casa works to release people from detention centers and then provides them with abundant nutritious food, case management, English classes, immigration legal services, computer access, clothing and hygiene supplies, acculturation and access to medical care and counseling. All purchases made above cost will receive an email with their donation amount.

  • Jennan (she/her)
  • Austin, Texas

Plantain Project PDX


Plantain Project is a group of medicinal plant growers and medicine makers dedicated to improving community access to herbal medicine. Plantain Project is an all-volunteer group of plant lovers who turn urban yards into medicinal gardens. The medicine they grow goes directly to herbalists who provide care to marginalized communities. Plantain Project currently offers: Pain Salves, Burn Salves, Herbal Foot Sprays, Topical Pain Sprays, Oral health Sprays and Tinctures, Nerve Tonics (alcohol and non alcohol based), Lung and chest Alcohol tinctures and non Alcohol Vinegar Oxymels, Immunity Tinctures and Oxymels, Abscess Pulling poultices, Dried herbs for teas or smoke blends as well as Community Collaberative urban garden bed space in NE Portland.

  • Plantain Project PDX (they/them)
  • Chinook Territory ~ Portland Oregon, US

Nayomi Cawthorne


Nayomi is a farmer, herbalist, and bodyworker based in Detroit, MI. She has trained on farms and gained traditional knowledge of plants and bodies in Jordan, Palestine, Guatemala, India and several states in the US. She offers herbal salves+ tea blends, breath+ yoga instruction, reiki, and recipes. She believes that plant allies come in many forms and through our mindfulness practices we can build healing relationships with them.

During COVID-19 pandemic I am able to deliver tea blends (for immune support, digestive support, or promoting calmness) + salves (great for nourishing/protecting hands after washing them often) in Metro Detroit. I am able to hold video sessions of breath work (pranayama) and yoga. I can conduct distance reiki healing.

  • Nayomi Cawthorne (she/her)
  • Detroit, Michigan, US

Misa McGregor


I am a cosmetologists specializing in beauty, health, and wellness and aspiring Doula looking towards using and supplying natural home remedies for my clients (through herbs and essential oils)

  • Misa McGregor (she/her)
  • (407)796-2368
  • New York City, US

Mila’s Apothecary


Mila’s Apothecary has lots of Greek mountain tea (ironwort), rose glycerite, cramp balms and drinking vinegars she is happy to offer and various other items that may be of help during these times. She can post all over the UK and asks for a small contribution and/or postage covered.

  • Mila Wood (she/her)
  • Cambridge, UK

Medical Herbalist

I’m Paola from Clapton Botanica Apothecary in Hackney London. I’m a medical Herbalist ready to give support and advice to those wanting to improve those areas of their health that they feel could do with some herbal medicine input. .. they are great allies during these pressing times.

  • Paola
  • 07871833316
  • 191 lower Clapton road E5 0rn, Organic and natural, London, E5 8eg, United Kingdom

Lodi Flori


Lodi Flori is a holistic health practitioner living and working on occupied Coast Miwok land. They are currently offering by-donation appointments and sliding scale remedy formulation via chat and skype to support folx on their health journey. Using an elemental lens and through addressing the subtle bodies, may we find holistic ways to support one’s sense of balance, safety and wellbeing. With a background in Ayurvedic medicine, western/folk Herbalism, bodywork and energywork, a session with Lodi might include self-care recs, energywork, pulse evaluation, nutritional support, and/or remedy formulation. Lodi is also available for herbal medicine resource sharing for local organizing efforts.

Fairfax, CA, serving North Bay and greater Bay as needed.

  • Lodi Flori (She/her/they)
  • Fairfax, California, US

Leslie Lekos


Leslie Lekos of Wildroot Botanicals offers a large line of bioregional ethically wild crafted and carefully grown and crafted herbal tinctures, hydrosols and teas. The hydrosols can be viewed at wildroot.etsy.com. She offers low cost sliding scale consultations for $25 to $50 by phone and when possible in person from a range of ailments and mentoring to increase your herbal skills and confidence. Wildroot Botanicals also offers a wide range of classes that focus on personal connections with the land, developing relationships with plant allies and how to connect and support individuals with herbal medicine. All current classes are listed at wildrootbotanicals.com

  • Leslie Lekos (she/her)
  • Bellingham, Washington and surrounding areas, US

Lei Reap

Spiritual Herbalist & Apprentice, Reiki & Akashic Record Practitioner, and mystic being who loves the wonders of our infinite universe! I have been able to cultivate my gifts with the loving energy from my ancestors and teachers which merged into the being that is me and then led to the creation of MysticFairie Apothecary. MysticFairie Apothecary is its own paradigm of consciousness in this earthly realm to help raise the vibration of internal & external love & guide those who are reawakening as earths children! My purpose is to help align you with your daily journey while striving to accomplish a deeper understanding of our existence by bringing light to our darkness and flow to all things stuck or disinherited through spiritual herbalism, intuitive energy healing, astrology, tarot, & akashic record readings

Able to drop off products or schedule with people for pick up.

  • Lei Reap (she/her)
  • Newark, New Jersey, Tri State Area, New York, US

Lauren Armony

Lauren Armony is a home herbalist who can offer: custom tea and poultice blends, relaxing and neurotrophic custom tinctures, and first aid salves.

All herbs are sourced local to the Portland area (historically home to the Multnomah, Clackamas, Kathlamet and Tualatin people), through Rise Up Remedies, The Medicine Garden, and Wildish Botanicals – who are also great resources.

  • Lauren Armony (they/she)
  • Portland, Oregon, US

Kettle + Cauldron


Anti-racist herbalist witch + doula about to graduate the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in May for clinical herbalism, nutrition, and flower essences. I offer sliding scale/free consultations and discounted medicine (tinctures, teas, glycerites, oils/salves, flower essences + more). I am registered as a Health At Every Size nutritionist and continue to work on dismantling fatphobia in healing spaces. I currently reside in Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Ute and Očeti Šakówiŋ lands near the Rocky Mountains but will be transitioning to Peoria, Potawatomi, Miami, and Očeti Šakówiŋ lands in the Great Lakes region this summer. As a White person of Celtic and Jewish ancestry, I am dedicated to practicing further decolonization in my life, work, and participation in social systems. Email or text is the best way to reach me or check out my school’s website to check out other sliding scale herbalists as well (until May). I can also help coordinate and support abortion/release care (Colorado has one of the few later-term abortion clinics.) Please email me at ellianna.sternberg@PROTONMAIL.com if you’re interested in discussing reproductive support.

  • Ellianna (they/them/theirs)
  • 2243747110
  • Denver, CO, United States

Kara Sigler, RH, RN


The Bay Area Herbal Response Team (BAHRT, pronounced “Bay Heart”) is a community herbalism hub, working to connect vulnerable communities to herbal remedies and herbal knowledge. Our collective members are herbalists who have come together in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. As experienced community herbalism practitioners, we know that plants have so much to offer for our community’s health and wellbeing. Now more than ever, it is vital that herbalism is accessible to everyone.

  • Kara Sigler
  • 5104704487

Juniper Bone Herbals


Juniper Bone Herbals is a small batch, folk apothecary practice. The potions created are seasonal, customizable, organic and homegrown herbal vinegars, tinctures, oxymels, tea, or infused oils that center the medicine of the relationships around us (with the land, flora, fauna, and ancestors). All offerings, including tarot and rune readings, are sliding scale. Every offering, has a number available for free for BIPOC.

  • Augustine (they/them)
  • 4103229677
  • , Baltimore, Maryland, United States


-sharing resources on tips for staying healthy without herbs
-sharing resources on herbal remedies and practices for emotional, immune, and respiratory health
-answering basic FAQ about herbal medicine & energetics
-providing resources on herbs that can be grown in Flagstaff
-providing instruction on how to create herbal tinctures, decoctions, and infusions

  • June (she/they)
  • Flagstaff, Arizona, US

Julia Bernardini, Clinical Herbalist


This is a holistic health and wellness practice dedicated to helping people heal as whole beings with respect to their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. My herbal knowledge and trainings are in energetic herbalism, taught by the Blue Otter School. I am now offering pay what you can and sliding scale herbal consultations for hardship and support during the pandemic.

  • Julia Bernardini
  • 818-439-9394
  • California, Grass Valley, Nisenan Territory, United States

Jules Benefico


Jules Benefico is a Clinical Western Herbalist with an undying passion to help others uncover the mysteries of their soul and heal naturally. Jules focuses on allyship, forgiveness, gratitude, shadow work, pleasure, and solidarity as tools to aid her herbal work. She believes that herbal first aid is an important form of activism and that herbal medicine is an accessible earth based healthcare system that digs deep to get to the root of ailments not cover up symptoms. She states “Herbalism is like a mycelial network that brings people in communion with nature and can be a tool to rise up in action consciously and productively.” Jules has been studying herbal medicine for 7 years and offers consultations, workshops, medicine, and supports herbal clinics in times of crises like California wildfires. She has a handcrafted herbal skincare & aromatherapy line for self-care, intention setting, and nourishment Called Opal Elements Cosmic Apothecary and works at a local apothecary as a staff herbalist, retail buyer, and social media marketer. Jules studies alchemy, astrology, and herbalism and integrates these magickal practices into her life, consultations, and workshops. She is here to serve her community and help people connect with plant medicine so they have the tools to heal themselves.

Oakland, CA – I serve the Bay Area and beyond

  • Jules Benefico (she/her)
  • 1-203-219-9771
  • Oakland, California, US

Jordan Ramsay

Jordan Ramsay is a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and a registered acupuncturist. She works with both Chinese herbs and western herbs. Practicing in Toronto, Canada, and also offers phone / video herbal consults. Jordan has worked with plants for the last two decades in gardening / farming realms. She has been fascinated with our relationship with plants as medicine and how we can transform our own health with the help of our community. She is also passionate about land and wildlife protection and see the the health of our lands and the health of our humans inextricably linked.

It is best to reach me through email at: ramsay.ejf@gmail.com

  • Jordan Ramsay (she/they)
  • Toronto, Canada

Jessica Morley

Jessica offers one-on-one herbal wellness consultations, currently in an online format, and is here to support you in nourishing your health in these disorienting and unprecedented times. She is guided by the principles of accompaniment, empowerment and embodiment, and believes in the healing power of plants and the development of deep listening skills to reconnect us to the wisdom of our bodies and to the larger earth body. She is currently offering herbal consultations on a sliding scale basis.

  • Jessica Morley (she/her)
  • Portland, Oregon, US

Jennifer Patterson


Jennifer Patterson offers herbal remedies & sliding scale herbal consultations through her private practice Corpus Ritual. Working with plants, more formally, since 2012, but having grown up planting her own gardens with her mother, she centers queer & trans people, people navigating personal & collective trauma & violence & works from a trauma-experienced & harm reduction lens.

  • Jennifer Patterson (she/her)
  • Brooklyn, New York, US

Jaimee Simundson


Through her own healing process, Jaimee connected to herbal medicine through the lens of grief and self acceptance. She attended Hawthorn Institute’s Bioregional Ayurveda and Clinical Herbalism 700 hour program and Herb Pharm’s Herbaculture internship in Southern Oregon. Jaimee has a passion for working with folks who would like support with stress, anxiety, depression, embodiment, disordered eating, and body image. She offers a nurturing environment for herbal consultations, routine/ritual suggestions, and custom formulations from her herbal apothecary.

I offer a sliding scale. Everyone is welcome.

  • Jaimee Simundson (she/her)
  • (541)749-8194
  • Santa Barbara & Carpinteria, California, US

Jade Alicandro Mace

Community and Clinical Herbalist at Milk & Honey Herbs. Offering herbs, food as medicine, and herbal care

  • Jade Alicandro Mace (she/her)
  • 413-427-9829
  • Western Massachusetts, US

Ithaca Free Clinic


Ithaca Free Clinic is an integrated free clinic where all herbal consultations and medicines are free.

  • 7Song
  • (607) 330-1254
  • 521 W Seneca St, Ithaca, New York, 14850

In This Together Herb Clinic


In This Together is a temporary herb clinic created in direct response to COVID-19. Our goal is to provide accessible herbal care focused on prevention and acute care of coronavirus. All appointments at In This Together will be by phone or a secure video chat, and your herbs will be delivered to your home.

Our appointments focus on immune support, respiratory health and emotional wellness. These are hard times. Stress management is very important to strong immune function and herbs are wonderful allies in stress relief. After your appointment you will receive an herbal care plan with herbal and dietary suggestions using either herbs you have at home or herbs from our apothecary.

All appointments are $30-60 sliding scale and some pay-what-you-can appointments are available because personal health is collective health and we are truly all in this together. Email or visit our website for more information and to book COVID Care appointments.

Welcoming local and distance clients.

  • Samantha Ray Roberts (she/they)
  • Ashland, Oregon, US


Holly is an herbalist in Washington DC offering sliding scale wellness appointments, locally grown herbs, classes on community herbalism and foraging, and an herbal CSA.

  • Holly (she/her)
  • (202) 726 1924 (this number doesn't receive texts)
  • Washington DC, US

Herbal Collective PDX

A mutual aid and community education effort between two herbalists, Herbal Collective PDX is offering herbal medicine made by us, on a sliding scale of $0-25. These offerings focus on a preventative, gentle, and supportive approach for the nervous and respiratory system. We are operating in the land known as Portland, Oregon.

Please fill out our order form at this link: https://forms.gle/Ux9Z7bJFkC73qy3Y7

Contact us with questions at herbalcollectivepdx@gmail.com Website and/or instagram to come soon.

  • Herbal Collective PDX
  • Portland, Oregon, US

Helping Herbs


Free medicine<3 to those in need. Alcohol tinctures and raw homemade apple cider vinegar extracts. With good financial ability asking for shipping costs and with strong financial ability asking for donations to pay for shipping costs of those who cannot afford. Preference for those in disadvantaged circumstances, indigenous, black and brown, queer, disabled or someone in very difficult situations rn, and ppl in NY.

  • Cory pappalardo and Cress Caciti (they/them)
  • Olympia, Washington, US

Hayley Maier


Hayley is a trained clinical herbalist offering pay what you can virtual herbal consultations. Herbal medicine is subsidized by 50% for BIPOC. Based in Catskills, NY

  • Hayley Maier
  • 9735177201
  • , Greenfield Park, New York, 12435, USA

Hannah-Phoebe Bowen


I’m Hannah-Phoebe and I offer herbal medicine and astrology at a sliding scale over Skype at Starflower Stories. Specialising in mental health, I recognise many people are experiencing a sudden peak in anxious or low feelings, difficulty sleeping and traumas may be coming up and care plans might be disrupted. Both herbal medicine and astrology can offer some additional support, strength and holding. I also offer herbal medicine general practice so whatever ails you, please get in touch to discuss how I can support you.

  • Hannah-Phoebe Bowen (she/her)
  • Hackney, London, UK

Hackney Herbal


Hackney Herbal is a social enterprise promoting wellbeing through herbs. Their website and social media channels are packed with resources on foraging, growing and using herbs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are uploading more resources on a daily basis, encouraging people to connect to plants and nature, and are also offering affordable (at cost price) herbal tea to support our minds and bodies during these tough times.

  • Camila (she/her)
  • Hackney, London, UK

Gwens Community Garden

Herbal supplier.

  • benjamin espindola
  • 07398422238
  • 25 Gaitside, Aberdeen, Grampian, AB107BB, United Kingdom

Female Trouble Apothecary

Florida-based herbalist w/ expertise in chronic illness, sexual health, & skincare, and a focus on accessible & affordable remedies

  • Sarah Stinard-Kiel
  • 3212742176
  • sarah.stinard.kiel
  • 2708 Burton Lane, Orlando, FL, 32817, United States


Fancy is a practicing clinical western herbalist who offers sliding scale/lowcost/free herbal care on Sinixt territory in the slocan valley in bc canada. They work with local plants and flower essences with a focus on harm reduction.

  • Fancy (they/them)
  • Slocan Valley, Winlaw, BC, Canada

Erika Larsen


Erika is a clinic herbalist offering free (donations accepted but not expected) acute care herbal consults for COVID-19 and related issues. Also offering sliding scale herbs for the local community. Feral Gardens, our small medicinal herb farm also has herbs to ship as needed. Please visit the website, www.theferalharvest.com to order, or get in touch if you need herbs for free or reduced cost.

Sapello, NM, U.S./Las Vegas, NM area/shipping in U.S.

  • Erika Larsen (they/them)
  • Sapello, Las Vegas, US

Erika Harlow


@erikaharlow has a small apothecary on orcas island in the San Juan islands. Large selection of herbs and space to make medicine. Access and connection to some local wildcrafters and elders. We are regionally solid medicine people. Email or Instagram DM if you need supplies

  • Erika Harlow (she/her)
  • Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, US

Emily Cartwright


Emily Cartwright MNIMH is a medical herbalist + emergency first responder who is based in Lincoln, UK.

  • Emily Cartwright (she/her)
  • +447365234792
  • Furze Botanicals 1st Floor, 38 Grantham Street, Lincoln, LN21LW, UK

Dixie Pauline (she/her)


Dixie Pauline is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. Her plant medicine practice is informed by her herbal teachers, professional experience and personal healing journey. Dixie brings over a decade worth of healing work as clinical herbalist, health and wellness educator, street medic, hospice caregiver, community organizer, and intuitive. Dixie is dedicated to exploring the use of plant medicines for healing from individual and collective trauma stemming from oppression. Her background and experience in grassroots, community-led organizing is what inspires her work that connects healing and transformation with organizing for justice and collective liberation. She has helped coordinate numerous herbal first aid and wellness spaces at gatherings and actions. Dixie teaches classes about disaster preparation and herbal first aid.

Grassroots Apothecary is a collaborative herbal clinic project with a network of practitioners. Their herbal 1st Aid and Wellness Pop-Up Clinics include an herbal apothecary stocked with a variety of formulas and single herbs in the form of extracts, teas, powders, essential oils, and salves for basic first aid needs and more. A clinic may include wound care depending on capacity, resources, access to water, and need for such care. All practitioners work within impeccable ethical standards and abide by strict Do No Harm protocols and sanitation procedures. Dixie Pauline’s services include one-on-one herbal consultation sessions, classes, and hosting herbal first aid clinics & wellness spaces. She has reduced rates due to the pandemic and related economic fallout.

I am also seeking to connect with other herbalists and holistic practitioners, having recently moved back to AZ from California.

  • Dixie Pauline (she/her)
  • 510-394-2993
  • Pheonix, Arizona, US

Delicious Dirt Farm & Apothecary


Delicious Dirt Farm & Apothecary is grounded in empowering people through providing nourishing food + herbal support that is healing, effective and accessible.

  • Ally Sterling (she/they)
  • 802) 242-1428
  • 359 Goose Pond Road, Fairfax, Vermont, 05454, United States

Dani B

Dani is a Registered Clinical Herbalsit (OHA) offering sliding scale consultations and remedies. I work in the Tkaronto and Mnidoo Mnis areas and offer online consultations.

  • daniellebourgault.com
  • 7052824704

Christine Buckley


Christine Buckley is a community herbalist and professional cook based in rural Virginia. Her work connects people to themselves, each other, plants and the planet by helping people to identify the plants that grow in their communities and guide them toward a mutually beneficial relationship between themselves and healing plants. She teaches her clients confidently with plants their homes: preparing food and medicine to nourish themselves, their families, and their neighbors. She runs “Garden Medicine Club” an on-line guided naturalist and herbal practice. She is the author of Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life.

  • Christine Buckley (she/her)
  • Rappahannock County, Virgina, US

Chelsea Taxman


Chelsea offers private consultations, alcohol-based tinctures, flower & gem essences, songs, lifestyle recommendations including meditation, ritual, and movement. With support from Ashkenazi ancestors, teachers, & mentors, Chelsea wants to share my gift with you. As a community herbalist, she connects people with plants and deep healing. Together we can build a more liberated world. She practices and teaches herbalism with a desire to share, especially with those who might not otherwise find this healing accessible (disabled, queer, low income, diasporic.)

For almost 15 years, Chelsea has experienced pleasure exploring, brewing, concocting, and studying plant medicine and wellness. She is so excited to meet you and expand the collective web of connections! She hopes to introduce you to plant allies and other friends to aid in healing. Creating custom herbal formulas for people brings Chelsea so much joy. Chelsea is inspired by community wellness, lessons from honeybees, queerness, and the power of kindness. Her work combines formal and inherited education from many traditions including Judaism, Ayurveda, Raja Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Astrology.

  • Chelsea Taxman (she/her)
  • Northampton, Massachusetts, US

Carissa Becker

A small single womxn run herbalism project specializing in locally farmed and ethically foraged herbal offerings. Offering limited small batch single herb tinctures, herbal syrups, and fire cider.

Can offer no contact porch pickup or drop off and shipping to continental US, you must pay shipping.

  • Carissa Becker (she/her)
  • Waltham/Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US

Belinda Murray Herbalist

Medical herbalist, Community gardener, Carnival organiser…Consultations, workshops swaps,sliding scale

  • Belinda Murray
  • 07979310933
  • , Whitstable, Kent, England

Bear Roots Herbals

Bear Roots Herbals is run by Emma Berkey in the Nashville Metro area in Tennessee. She makes small batch herbal products, using many local and foraged medicinals, and operates on a sliding scale model to best meet the needs of her community. She also offers consults and is working with a team of other local herbalists to help with mutual aid efforts in Nashville. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Bear Roots Herbals is also available for FaceTime or Zoom calls if face to face interaction is desired.

  • Emma Berkey (she/her)
  • (828) 712-0302
  • Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas

Alex Rae

Alex Rae is a trained clinical herbalist and doula. She is the founder of the Community Care Camper a free mobile herb clinic serving underserved populations in and around Ann Arbor Michigan, the co-owner of Black Locust Gardens herb farm and plant nursery, and the first aid coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire in Chelsea Michigan. She runs an Apothecary as well, distilling and making magic from plants grown on her organic herb farm, and teaches classes. Alex first studied plant medicine at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine intensive program with 7song in Ithaca NY. She then moved to Ann Arbor Michigan, to further her herbal knowledge at Jim McDonald’s herbal intensive while also doing her doula training. She has studied in Southeast France learning how to distill hydrosols and the safety of essential oils from aromatherapist Cathy Skipper and has/is taking classes towards nursing. Alex is able to do one on one consultations as well as custom blending formulas for your individual needs. She works on a sliding fee scale making sure herbs and her clinical skills are accessible.

  • Alex Rae (she/her)
  • Dexter, Michigan, Detroit metro area and Ann Arbor Michigan, US

Abby Prendergast


Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath, based in Sheffield, UK. Offering online consultations and herbal medicines to be delivered within local area, or posted further afield with the UK. Currently offering sliding scale fees, starting from £25.

  • Abby Prendergast
  • 07444060160
  • Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom